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Beyond the Books

Author and Pianist

So i am not only Douglas James Cheatham. I am also Dangerus Doug and Callen Cain. These are both musicians in Rangers Universe

From a young age i have always played piano, bass guitar or listened to some form of music. At this point i play strictly playing keyboard. It's the best for my hands and allows me to dress it up a little better.

Honestly I'm not the best and never have been. It is just something else I wanted in my Universe.

Don't call me stupid, I'm only half Human ~ Callen Cain.

In this album I try a bit of a different style. It's called Turkcanon Jazz and is based in the Rangers Universe. This more of less is the set beat i use. it is generated from my keyboard. Now the piano playing is me, 99% of it. I do cheat slightly and will explain that in videos later. Hopfully I can give you a short how to on writing your own music.

Complete Shit ~ Dangerous Doug

This is the first album i did. Has more of a classical feel to it. everything in this i composed including the rythem. This differs from the Callen Cain album where I use a set beat. Complete Shit and Dangerous Doug are referenced in the first three books more then once. I'm sure I'll bring both up in Betrayal but I'll be focusing on Callen more.

Please, listen and tell me what you think. these are just the demos but i will be rewriting the music with others soon.

Rangers Music: Welcome
Rangers Music: Work

Don't call me stupid, I'm only half Human ~ by Callen Cain

July, 8, 2021

Callen Cain has been referenced once in Return of the Imperium and will be a main character in the upcoming book Rangers Universe: Betrayal.

These are just the demos. Hopefully I'll have new versions rewritten soon.

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