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Ultima Online

Beta-testing free shard

For years I have been an Ultima Online player on free shards. I was on Pandora and ABC. At this point my friend Jon and I have created our own Ultima Online server. We are still in beta testing and I won’t tell you there are not some issues.  

None the less we have an open world for you to join. My shard is a bit different then the average. When you start, I will give you GM skills on your characters and a high level pet of your choice. I want you to explore the world and have fun. I want you to tell me what is wrong so hopefully in time we can fix it.

 You may start a scratch if you want, but I don’t really want you spending years on a character unless you choose this.

What we need in the economy: We have few crafters. Artifacts are a dime a dozen, but good custom armor is rare because no one has taken the take to do the boding for it. I will help you in anyway I can. I also do not care if you have multiple accounts or play them at the same time.

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Please download both links and make sure your clients is fully updated.

IP –

Port – 2593

I will try to watch the accounts for new players. Admins: CammyLynn, Amiga, and Ruth

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