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Book trailer is out!

Check out the new book trailer on YouTube. Created by Jon Davis.

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9 out of 10 stars from beta-readers

June, 2021

War has spread across Known-Space. The united Draith clans have invaded from the Void and have started a war with the all power Ranger Empire. This leaves Known-Space open to raids from Ninth Faction slavers. 
This is the story of a female Ranger-Telekinetic. 
Slave Traders is nano-braded, action packed, pain filled, gene-spliced gut punch.  This  is origin of Cameron Summer and the first novel in the Rangers Universe.

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A new look on the original story,

June, 2021

Search for the Justice is the second book on the Rangers Universe and sequel to Slave Traders.
A galaxy filled with chaos and turmoil. Five years has passed since the end of the Draith War and the fall of the once all-powerful Ranger Empire. Their great cities have been reduced to ashes and piles of rubble while the superpowered beings were nearly extinct.
Through the darkness and disorder, a band of fearless Rangers  rise from the shadows and into the light.
By using their unique ascensions, they sail through space on a crusade to maintain peace and order, and to restore justice to the known worlds.

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A thrilling adventure from cover to finish

June, 2021

Return of the Imperium is the third novel in the Rangers Universe and is the predecessor of Slave Traders and Search for Justice.
An eerie peach has crept over Known-Space.
Outnumbered and outgunned, Kyle Knight, Cameron Summers and the others risk everything and set out on a desperate search for allies. In trying to do so, they awaken an even greater threat which could endanger the very existence of all life in the universe as we know it.

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