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Thank you for Inspiring me

Individuals I have had the pleasure of meeting

Inspired By: Work

James Marsters

April, 2014

James Marsters ~ from Buffy the Vampire Slaver and Angel

He was beyond all I could have imaged. This was the first celebrity I met and was so nervous. I wore my Spike trench coat replica and when he saw me he said "Spike, I've missed you it's been so long!"

One of my favorite actors of all time!

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Inspired By

I try give God credit at every turn, but others helped drive my imagination as well.

Growing up, I was not a huge reader but i loved all forms of TV and Film. This page is dedicated to the main individuals who have inspired me to write Science Fiction.

My top favorites:

Babylon 5 by J. Michael Straczinynski

Andromeda: Concept by Gene Roddenberry but was made after his death.

Buffy the Vampire Slaver and Angel: by Joss Whedon

Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles

All of Star Trek: by Gene Roddenberry

Star Wars Clone Wars by George Lucas and Dave Filoni

Stargate SG1 and Atlantis by Brad Wright and Jonathan Glassner

Star Wars by George Lucas

Inspired By: About Me

Actors who inspired me

There are so many and in time I will do my best to list them all. I hope to put descriptions on why these Individuals helped me in my own character development.

Individuals I have sadly not met or had the pleasure taking a picture with.

Bruce Boxlightner - Babylon 5

Joe Flanigan ~ Stargate Atlantis

Jason Momoa ~ Stargate Atlantis

David Hewlett ~ Stargate Atlantis

Rachel Luttrell ~ Stargate Atlantis

Keith Hamilton Cobb ~ Andromeda

Laura Bertram ~ Andromeda

Gordon Michael Woolvett - Andromeda

Lexa Doig ~ Andromeda

Steve Bacic ~ Andromeda

Michael Shanks ~ Stargate SG1 (Also loved his role on Andromeda)

Christopher Judge ~ Stargate SG1

Amanda Tapping ~ Stargate SG1

Richard Dean Aderson ~ Stargate SG1 (But I was also a big Macgyver fan)

Sarah Michelle Geller ~ Buffy

David Boreanaz ~ Buffy and Angel

Summer Glau ~ Terminator SCC

Inspired By: About Me
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