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Rangers Universe: Origins

Coming soon

Origins is going to step away from Cameron Summers main story and focus on the other sections in Rangers Universe.

This will include:

Fists and Shields trilogy with Troy Stoner. Knight Brothers trilogy with Kyle and Casey Knight. Be prepared to see familiar faces such as: Cameron Summers, Alex Sheridan, Adrian Quin, Logan Masters and more. We will also be introducing new characters, such as Jericho Nezzar, Laggin Runner, and Herman the Heretic. Origins will also look into future of Rangers Universe with Nightmares Future and Intro: Age of War.

Current update 8/11/22: On the final chapter. After that it will go into Editing and beta-testing. No official ETA.

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Coming Soon: About Me

Rangers Universe: Betrayal

Coming soon

Betrayal takes place a few weeks after Slave Traders. This book will primarily focus on Cameron and answer quite a few questions. It will also introduce a new set of characters for this part of her life.

Current update 8/11/22: Trying to finish Origins. I'll get this done once that is in beta testing.

Coming Soon: About Me
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